McAlester Oklahoma
Saturday June 24th

Added Money
Current Finale Entries ​$44,500 
(updated May)
We are adding entries weekly to the finale
get qualified at one of our local affliate ropings.

Qualify at Affiliate Events
Finale entries will be official once they are paid in full to Extreme Roping and not before. Make sure you claim your entry at the event or you may forfeit your qualification.  Extreme Roper reserves the right to settle all and any entry disputes.

Qualify with a $50 Finale Fee
We are still offering this option to non-qualified ropers. The $50 Finale Fees will go to the added money fund at the finale.

Qualify at Sanctioned Event Entries
"Sorry this is no longer available invitations are being sent to those that did qualify through based on entries​"

​​***No Special Memberships***
The only card you need is a current USTRC or World Series Card at the time of the roping. We will not number you or use any other numbering system. You can purchase a
membership on site or online.

We do not require affiliate events to make you buy a card at their ropings or for you to win money or prizes at affiliate events.

Specialty Ropings
- Truck Ropings - Trailer Ropings - ATV Ropings -Saddle Ropings - Special Fees Ropings
These ropings will be reviewed to ensure that the prizes and the payout are consistent and offer the roper the best prizes and payback possible! Paybacks in specialty Ropings maybe different than those at regular qualifiers.
"See Specific Ropings for Details"